A History of Growth ~ A Legacy of Innovation

Heatex incorporated in USA

Heatex begins production of air handlers in own plant

Key US leaders
purchase 50% ownership of Heatex

Product line consists of packaged, flat-plate energy recovery
and LASER dedicated outdoor air units

Heatex renamed Innovent

Manufacturing natatorium, multi-zone, flat-plate/heat wheel
energy and packaged AC units

Precision Coils acquired

Valent business incubated and launched

Move into current Minneapolis facility

$10m renovation of 225,000 square feet

Valent starts producing units


Unison Comfort Technologies established; a division of Greenheck Group

Precision Coils moves to new plant in Brownsville, TN.

Unison Comfort Technologies opens new Training and Product Center in Minneapolis, MN. 


Unison opens new manufacturing plant in Sacramento, CA


Unison expands Minneapolis plant.